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Hybridpack is the ideal alternative to plastic packaging.
With this revolutionary packaging solution we are turning the packaging industry upside down!
An ecological alternative to plastic packaging, without compromising the durability, quality and attractiveness of your products.

An alternative to plastic packaging

Recyclable packaging solution

The Hybridpack is an ideal alternative to plastic packaging, as the plastic content can be reduced by 80%.
Thanks to our technological innovations, customers can also optimally separate plastic and cardboard and dispose of them accordingly.
Using the Hybridpack makes a further contribution to greater sustainability.

Hybridpack as a brand ambassador

In addition to the ecological advantages offered by the product, these packages can also be perfectly customized.
All the techniques available internally to our group of companies can be perfectly applied, with unlimited possibilities.
Your product can be adapted one hundred percent to your wishes. You can choose the thickness of the cardboard and plastic,
as well as the finish on the inside and outside.
In addition, the packaging can be perfectly sealed and thus made air and gas tight, making it suitable for processing on a tray sealer.

We would be pleased to inform you about the Hybridpack packaging solution

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that the Hybridpack packaging products have to offer?
Please contact us to get a non-binding consultation.

How does HYBRIDPACK work?

We start with a needs assessment

First of all, we determine which properties your packaging must have:
Shape, size, permeability, protective atmosphere, suitable for microwave ovens, suitable for storing frozen products, use of cardboard from sustainably managed forests, use of harmless printing inks, etc.

Once we have established these basic characteristics for your packaging, we can move on to production.

Design of your cardboard packaging

The carton is cut based on your specifications and the selected shape. The shape can be printed on both the inside and outside. Printing on the inside is used in particular if you wish to communicate certain information to end consumers (recycling instructions, trademarks, mini-games, etc.)

The cardboard is then formed into a tray.

Thermoplastic forming of the plastic film in the cardboard trays

The plastic film selected based on your specifications is placed on the cardboard tray. It is then thermoplastically moulded directly in the cardboard tray to adapt perfectly to the shape.

Integrating the packaging into your production line

Alternative packaging solution

Our packaging is ready for use. All you have to do is put your product inside and seal it. Our packaging is suitable for a wide variety of sealing methods.

Possible applications

  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy products and cheese
  • Food services & food on the go
  • Prepared dishes
  • Snacks
  • Food products

Sample applications

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We will be happy to answer any open questions about the Hybridpack packaging solution in a personal meeting.
Simply make an appointment with our team of experts.

Why with us?

Intelligent packaging solutions are based on well thought-out development processes. For us this means: cooperation, tailor-made designs, keeping agreements, building business relationships and providing added value for our customers. Well-known brand owners from all sectors of the consumer goods and food industry already appreciate our service, quality and manufacturing flexibility in folding carton production.
Experience in the production of packaging has ensured satisfied customers since 1931.
Our location in Velbert guarantees you prompt and punctual delivery of your packaging.

Quality standards

The quality and hygiene standards applied ensure that ecological, economic and social requirements are met and continuously improved.
Due to the high quality standard of the materials we use, the qualification and promotion of employees, comprehensive various quality controls as well as various certifications, we can offer our customers high-quality, innovative packaging produced under environmental aspects in a timely and flexible manner.
Our certifications are available under Downloads / Certificates .

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