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Company History

Experience since 1931

    earlier packaging manufacturing
  • In 1931   the family business Fritz Nießen is founded in Velbert by Fritz Nießen
  • In 1972   his son, Dipl.-Kfm. Hans-Ulrich Nießen, moves to the leadership of the company
  • In 1973   the plant was built at its present location
  • 1976   In order to provide new space for the increasing production of folding boxes and packaging, the high-bay warehouse was expanded to 5,300 storage locations
  • 1984   Enlargement of production and office space, packaging market continues to grow
  • 1994   Acquisition of the company by Dipl.-Kfm. Burkhard Gebler, the Bergische Kartonagenfabrik now produces hand in hand with the Coburger Kartonagenfabrik in the solid board and corrugated board sector
  • Modern folding box production
  • 1995   Further structural changes until 2000, culminating in the extension of the administration building and the new/extension building of the printing plant
  • 2001   Folding box and packaging production is strengthened by the replacement of a Heidelberg 5-colour press and the purchase of a new 6-colour press. All presses are equipped with inline coating units, the 6-colour press is equipped with a double coating unit
  • 2011   In order to be able to process the increased number of printed folding boxes just-in-time, an automatic die cutter with integrated blank separation was purchased
  • 2015   Replacing the Heidelberg 5-color press with a Heidelberg-XL106-6-color press
  • 2018   Acquisition of the company by the Van De Velde N.V. corporate group
  • 2019   Investment in a new universal folding box gluing machine
  • 2020   Purchase of a further gluing machine
  • 2021   Modernisation of the die-cutting capacity by replacing a die-cutter
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